Friday, April 8, 2011

Ramping up for a great Show Season!

Chicago Equestrian is ramping up to get ready for a great show season!

Instead of us up on our horses, working on form and function over fences and on the flat we are hard at work on the website. Making it better and better everyday! Adding more sections, more advertisers, more FUN.

We have been busy, busy! Getting in updates from all the winter festivals down in Florida. Updating the directories... do you need to find a great trainer? Maybe a place to board your horse? or what about a judge for a local show you want to host? Well you can find all those things on the website!

What else have we been doing? Well, Brenda and Stephanie have been busy at the Apple store, we are working on perfecting the transfer of data so that we can have show updates and photos up on the website as quick as possible. Now, how cool would it be to have photos and updates on the website from the shows within an hour or two? What about getting home from the shows and seeing all the re-caps there that same day? Well, that's something we are hard at work on.

Everyone is ramping up for the show season! The riders, the horses, the trainers, the show producers, the judges and even Chicago Equestrian!

See you at the horse shows :)

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