Saturday, November 3, 2012

Puissance makes a comeback!

Last night was another brand new experience. I got to watch the ever infamous Puissance competition. Now before yesterday I had no idea what Puissance was. I was told that it consisted of a maximum of 5 rounds, though last night there were only 4 rounds and this event was not timed. The first round started the Puissance wall at a height of 5'9" and it was absolutely exhilarating. The first round is a unique round as it's the only one that consisted of 4 jumps, which obviously including the Puissance wall. The remaining four rounds were even more exhilarating. It was heart stopping excitement. The Puissance wall continued to climb and grow from round to round to reach a height of 7'. Though Tim Gredley on Unex Valente didn't break the current indoor record of 7'10", he did win the 2012 Alltech National Horse Show $50,000 Puissance by flying over the 7' wall. This amazing event showcases the athleticism of these amazing horses. These horses demonstrate the true meaning of Puissance meaning "power". I am looking forward to see more athleticism and amazing shows of horsemanship at the $250,000 Alltech Grand Prix.

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