Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's next?

The show season has come to an end, but the next season will arrive before you know it. No matter if you placed Champion or not at all means that there is always room for improvement. What can be done for next year to help you meet your goals, your trainers goals and ask yourself should your riding strategy be re-evaluated? Are you competing in the right classes? These are all valid questions but how do you address them for a better future...

There is so much for any rider to get ready for! The start of the new season is only 3 months away. Yikes! I would be asking myself some questions and toss around some food for thought:
1. What was the most consistent problem you faced in the 2013 year?
2. Write down realistic goals. I.e. I would like to be able to place in top 10 in my 3' amateur hunter division.
3. Don't get in over your head by not setting a strategy with your trainer that takes into consideration those problems you faced in 2013.
4. Figure out how you learn best. Are you a visual learner? Or are you better when verbally explained? Determining how well you learn can assist you in becoming a better rider.
5. Most riders that compete in the A and B shows are students; meaning they are in school. Since the majority of those are students, then time management is key. Balancing school, riding and anything else is vital for a sound minded rider. I know without some organization when I was a student, I would have never been able to pull off straight A's (as that was what my mother told me I had to have in order to continue riding).
6. Lastly remember to always practice. "Practice makes perfect", isn't that how the saying goes?

There is always more advice; especially advice that just floats in one ear and out the other. Knowing how you want to prepare and what you want to do next year is key! Plus, we can never forget to have fun!

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