Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will EHV-1 keep you from showing?

With the ongoing scare of EHV-1 another Showplace Productions A show is being canceled. Showplace productions has put into place strict bio- security procedures to keep the spread of the disease at bay. However, it seems that many owners and trainers are just not wanting to take the risk of exposure and are deciding to sit this weekends show out.

The horses down in Florida at HITS Ocala are slated to be released from quarantine tomorrow after being in lockdown for 21 days and those horses will be returning home soon. Shippers are taking extra precautions such as decontaminating the trailers after every use and requiring strict health certifications to keep the disease from possible further spread.

Many Chicago area barns have voluntarily gone on quarantine after having vets administer the appropriate vaccinations. The general attitude seems to be better safe than sorry!

It's not just the Chicago area and Florida that have recently seen these EHV-1 outbreaks. There have been recent cases in California, Tennessee, Utah and Canada. Last fall the racing industry in Chicago had an outbreak at Hawthorne Racetrack that involved the death of seven horses and an imposed quarantine to control the outbreak.

These recent EHV-1 outbreaks makes us realize just how dangerous some diseases can be to our horses.

Will EHV-1 keep you and your horse at home and on lockdown?

For more information on EHV-1 and what you can do to keep your horses safe go to www.chicagoEquestrian.com

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